The embodiment of greenery and nature so close to the city centre is often unheard of. YTL's Sentul West not only brings us close to nature but cradles in its warmth.


The Park

The park, encompassing a sprawling 35 acres, is only accessible by residents. Nature lovers will be pleased as many friendly 'neighbours' inhabit the park which is home to many indigenous forest species.

Features include:

  • Aerial walkways - From the first level, you are able to access the park in the shade, thus enjoying the elements in comfort.
  • Bird Island - Accessible by footbridge, this is the perfect place to enjoy a little camping in the safety of your home.
  • Petting Farms - Human bonds with animals can be quite remarkable, enjoy these moments with your friends and loved ones.
  • Pavilions with BBQ facilities - Entertain in an exclusive atmostphere available only to residents and those lucky to be their friends.
  • Mazes, croquet lawns, bowling greens - There are many ways to exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, Sentul West gives us a few more.
  • Entertainment lawn and pavilion - So many opportunities to entertain, or perhaps a wedding?
  • Herb and hanging gardens - Ideal for green thumb enthusiasts or for those that's simply like the 'little' things in life.
  • A landscape style informed by tropical sensibilities - A beautiful, well thought out garden denoted by simple lines, easy walkways and sunken fences.
  • 24-hour park security.


Parkviews Condominiums

A mere 4,000 units around the 35 acre park allows you to enjoy the best of nature from the comfort of your own home.

Shopping and Leisure

Festival Plaza
The historical KTM warehouse provides the perfect housing for the new Festival plaza. Inside, you'll a find a deluge of shops, boutiques, saloons and cafes to cater retail needs.

The Padang and Station Square
Perfect for formal and informal dining, the grand station entrance faces a wide open padang showcasing a panaromic views for enjoyment any time of the day.


Lantern Street
Uniquely different, this commercial plot allows individuals to experience work in a distinct location. Situated on the green, inspiration can truly be just a stones throw away.