Commonly an area best known for the railway lines that forms its spine, it also is an area that reflects something else. Multi racial elements of food and places of worship littering the area are perfect examples of the harmonious convergence of all things Malaysian.

"In our nature of business, we have been asked numerous times from family, friends and clients on where is the best location to invest in residential properties in Klang Valley. Sentul Raya, based on our analysis and projections of the market and also on current trends and lifestyle needs, is one of the hottest locations todate and truly a hands down winner. YTL have even surpassed themselves in reviving the project into a lifestyle project community that will offer something for very occupant. There is also going to be a new highway linking Sentul Raya to Jalan Kuching. The amount YTL is priming this property, we strongly recommend a buy."


SENTUL - A vision of renewal

YTL had undertaken the task of revitalizing Sentul. Efforts to create a modern community have not brought about the loss of the charm and character that is Sentul. Instead, YTL has embraced it to create a truly modern, intergrated community simply known as


SENTUL EAST captures the greenery that surrounds the area, so much so that sometimes it is easy to forget that the entire area is a mere 5km away from the bustling city centre.

Next to it, lies SENTUL WEST which provides the link of modern living reflecting Sentul's comprehensive transportation plan.