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6 Red Flags of an Air Duct That Requires Cleaning or Replacement

air duct cleaningLike the rest of the parts that make a good working AC system, the ductwork makes for a very crucial component that can make or break an efficient cooling system. As the conduit to which cool air goes across with, a faulty air duct can adversely affect the efficiency in how chilling is made as well as preservation of the established indoor air quality.

Here are six of the common signs that your air conditioner’s air passageway is in need of serious attention and probable fixing:

1. Sudden Spike in your Electric Bill

If you have been sticking to your usual electric consumption yet you are suddenly faced with an increase in your average monthly billing, chance is good that it is your AC that is at fault. Possibly, caused by some leaks which affect the efficiency of the cooling system yet something that a good repair could address.

2. Revealing Signs of Animal and Insect Infestation

Certain household critters such as roaches and rats are some of the foulest—in terms of odor—being to ever invade your home and are thus often considered unwelcome. If you had been in close encounter to these creatures before, you could easily identify them based on scent alone.

When that same eerie suddenly emanate from within a closed space and yet there had been no physical signs of any of these household intruders, there is a good possibility that they may be hiding in the air duct where cooled air passes through.

3. Presence of Dirt and Debris

No place at home is literally safe from the presence of something minute and barely visible as dust. It is therefore unsurprising to assume that an open space such as the air duct makes for an open vacuum where dusts could potentially accumulate and form a blockage over time.

Although a bit of dirt is negligible and will not affect the cooling system’s efficiency, too much of this clutter from within the ductwork might pose certain problems.

4. Development of Respiratory Problems

When within the confinement of a room and being chilled by an air conditioner, the quality of the air we breathe become dependent on this machine.

Although modern-day air conditioners are smart enough to be designed to filter out harmful disease-causing micro-organisms potentially transmittable in the open air, not all ACs may have this feature pre-built and thus might require an extra effort with the maintenance to compensate.

You would know that it its already time to make due cleaning on the air ducts, if not the AC itself, when a kind of respiratory disease has become common the more that you stay indoors.

5. Display of Molds

Not all disease-causing microbes are always just airborne and invisible to the naked eye. Others choose to grow and become something easily visible such as the fungi morphing into molds. When the signs of molding are becoming apparent at any part of the air duct, you know that your cooling system is compromised by fungi which requires ample cleaning.

6. Pile of Dusts on the Air Filter

Like its name implies, air filters play a pivotal role in keeping the air we breathe clean given a certain extent possible, commonly from dusts. But as dust is a common impurity in the open air, this filter tends to clog over time. When it does, you know that a good scrubbing can take a long way in keeping the air you breathe free from pollutants as possible.